China Declares Better Care for Children


China's declared children in the country will be better cared for from deprived backgrounds.

According to the guideline released today by the State Council in China, children in need include those from poverty-stricken families who suffer difficulties in living, schooling or seeking medical treatments.

It also refers to disabled children with special care requirements and who find it difficult integrated in society. 

The guide specifies basic living conditions for children in need, with the provision of aid and relief to improve the lives of those vulnerable. That includes children who don’t have a legal guardian, children under the age of 16 who have no ability to work or income and those with parents who cannot work or living in poverty. 

Basic medical insurance and critical illness insurance for children who suffer from serious disease or are severely disabled is also been made available. 

It also vows to provide 12 years of free education for disabled children from poor families, as well as school provisions such as textbooks. 





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