China becomes games capital of the world


Gaming in China is a multi-billion dollar, growing industry. Photo credit - Pixabay


China has become the world capital of gamers and gaming.


That's according to a report by specialist firm Atomico, based in London.

According to the report, which you can read in full here, the size of the Chinese gamer market now exceeds that in the USA and Europe.

What's more, games and gaming are now worth in excess of $100 billion annually to the global economy.

Although the number of gamers in the USA and Europe continues to grow, numbers are rising much faster in China.

When you consider that Chinese gamers also apparently spend more time and money on their hobbies, you can see why the Chinese market is now so important for gaming firms - many of whom are indeed Chinese.

Interestingly, from an 'East meets West' perspective, the news comes after we reported earlier in 2017 that a Chinese game developer is investing in a new studio in Scotland.

Skymoons, who are behind several popular games such as Zombie Wars and Seer Superheroes, have launched the studio in Edinburgh in order to develop a new online multiplayer game.

Over 20 staff will be based at the site, which has been aided by cooperation between Skymoons and the Scottish government. 

Scotland's video games industry has been said to be 'booming', with the country being home to some of the most exciting developers and companies in Europe. It has close to 100 specialist firms, between them employing over 1,000 people.

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