China Bans Booze from Official Banquets


China's banned booze from official banquets.

The Central Commission for Discipline in China became suspicious of a province drinking excessively during official meetings, thats according to China Daily.

After sending a team of inspectors to investigate Anhui province, an anti-graft watchdog publicly claimed officials were boozing immoderately which "should be curbed immediately and effectively".  

The issue of having a few too many tipples is not an uncommon in recent years in China. A report by the World of Health Organisation revealed 57% of men and 26% women respectively, reported binge drinking.

However, drinking to develop and cement relationships in the country has a long history. "When one drinks with a friend, a thousand cups are not enough," runs one traditional saying.

Lucky for those across the pond who enjoy a drink or two, the rule thankfully does not include meetings held to attract investment or those involving foreign affairs.




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