Battle of the Noodles comes to London


Chinese gastronomy legend Ken Hom is coming to London to take part in The Battle of the Noodles at the China Exchange this September. 

Hom will be fighting for China with the Exchange's chairman, Sir David Tang for the face off against Italy in the contest for the best interpretation of the noodle. The pair are competing against Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli and food critic and columnist, AA Gill. 

The case against hand-pulled dough alongside the global demand for the instant variety will argued, as well as whether ancient Rome invented the noodle so omnipresent in both cultures. 

270 million instant noodles are consumed in China per day, compared to the average person in Italy eating more than 51 pounds of pasta every year.

Those in the audience at the event will have the opportunity to ask your questions before deciding on the crucial question: are you devoted to Italian pasta or a champion of the Chinese noodle?

Click here for tickets for the event on 6th September. 




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