British Vintage TV plans China launch


Vintage TV has only been established for 7 years and yet attracts over 10 million viewers a month. Photo credit - Vintage TV


A British music television station is planning to launch in China.


That's according to specialist publication Billboard, who report that such a move could follow the station's current move into the Canadian market.

Vintage TV was launched in the UK in 2010 and attracts over 10 million views a month. That figure represents roughly one sixth of the adult population of Great Britain.

The station positions itself as 'the music lover's channel of choice.'

When asked by Billboard why the channel was interested in China, CEO David Pick said:

''The market that’s happening arguably even faster than this one (Canada) for us is China. It’s taking up an increasing amount of our time.  We are involved in some of the biggest video platforms in China.''

Over recent months, we've reported extensively on the growing importance of China in the world media landscape. 

To give an example of the scale of this, we revealed late in 2016 that a greater level of cooperation had been agreed between TV broadcasters and producers in both the UK and China.


At the time, the UK Foreign Office said that the agreement will help to create programmes that combine cultural characteristics of both countries and it will deliver around £55 million per year for the TV industry in the UK by helping it to access the Chinese market.

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