Bodge-Job from Hell - Builders Concrete Over Great Wall


Looking after an ancient monument can't be an easy task, especially when you need balance historical preservation against the need to keep said monument accessible for the public.

However, officials in Liaoning province may have gone a step too far, after they apparently ordered a concrete walk way to be built along the top of a stretch of the Great Wall of China.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the offending restoration work was done in 2014, but has only just come to wide public attention after being ridiculed on Weibo.

The section of the wall was apparently very badly damaged, and officials were unsure of how to save it.

The work might only effect a small part of the astonishing 13,000 miles of wall and branches, but their decision to use concrete has nevertheless been slammed by critics.

The Telegraph cites Beijing News as saying of the wall and associated work:

“Its cultural value has been seriously sabotaged. This is not a restoration, it has been seriously ruined...”

Meanwhile, CNN questioned whether this could be the 'World's Worst Restoration,' reporting that the hashtag "The most beautiful, wild Great Wall flattened" had been trending on Weibo.

Time Magazine went further, calling the work 'Shocking' and 'Appalling'.

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