Better Chinese food for UK universities


Improved Chinese food is coming to British universities, thanks to a Michelin-starred chef. Photo credit - Pixabay


Chinese students in the UK will soon be able to enjoy a much more authentic taste of home.


That's because The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) has enlisted the help of Michelin-starred chef, Chinese cuisine expert and Head of Catering at St John's College, Cambridge, Bill Brogan.

Mr Brogan and his team have complied 'TUCO's guide to authentic Chinese cuisine,' a publication which includes 23 recipes for Chinese dishes that can be prepared for students in university kitchens.

In writing the guide, Mr Brogan (who has a Chinese wife) toured China with his colleagues and visited Chinese university kitchens for inspiration. 

The news comes just days after we reported that UK universities are increasingly reliant on Chinese students.

That report was based on analysis of applications for UK student visas, and showed that over a third of all such visas issued over the last year were to Chinese students.

British food is not popular with all Chinese students, with many preferring currently to cook meals for themselves rather than eat at university.

Hopefully the new guide can help encourage them back to dining halls, and give us all a better taste of China!

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