Beer consumption falls in China and the UK


Despite the best efforts of the news team at Spectrum Sino, beer sales in the UK and China are in decline! Photo credit - Pixabay


The global beer market declined over the last year, with a sharp fall in consumption in China.


That's according to a report into the annual state of the alcoholic beverage industry, released by the London-based International Wine and Spirits Research.

Overall, people around the world are drinking 1.3 percent less beer than last year, with demand in the UK falling in line with that figure and Chinese consuming 4.2 percent less.

That's not the biggest drop, however. Beer drinkers in Russia are enjoying a whopping 7.8 percent less beer than in 2016.

So what's behind the fall? The report suggests that consumers are becoming more health conscious, and so are limiting their consumption. Additionally, some drinks continue to grow in popularity - for example, Gin and Tonic seems to be more popular than ever.

Despite the decline, there's nevertheless been some positive news for Chinese and British brewers as trade in beverages between the two countries continues to grow.

For example, we reported in March that a delicious beer that was originally never intended to be drunk is going to be available in China after a distribution agreement was signed.

Innis and Gunn is the most popular British beer in Canada, and is also enjoyed extensively in the United Kingdom, as well as in many other countries around the World.

However, it has a very quirky history. Founded as recently as 2003, it was originally intended that the beer would be brewed with the simple purpose of flavouring casks for whisky.

Indeed, the original plan was to dispose of the beer once that process was complete.

In the end, the beer ended up tasting brilliant (in our opinion!) and Innis and Gunn has rapidly grown to become on of the UK's most celebrated beers.

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