Battersea Chimney Update: Painting Completed


Hello, Yao here with good news!


After three years, one of the symbols of London, Battersea Power Station just announced on Twitter they have just finished painting the four iconic chimneys, just like the old ones were first painted 70 years ago.



There's even a website for the Battersea Power Station Chimney updates (yes, really...). The first chimney built was the north west chimney in 1931 and the final chimney built was the south east chimney in 1955.The new chimneys consist of the same materials as the originals, but with more modern steel reinforcements within the concrete to provide a more permanent solution to their conservation than simply refurbishing them.




Battersea Power Station has become an iconic structure, being featured in or used as a shooting location for many films, television programmes, music videos and video games.One of the station's earliest appearances on film was in Alfred Hitchcock's 1936 film Sabotage.


For people from China, like me, we first knew of the power station thanks to the iconic album cover with a pink flying pig above the Power Station. The Power Station famously appeared on the cover of Pink Floyd's 1977 album, Animals, where it appeared with the group's inflatable pink pig floating between the chimneys. The inflatable pig was tethered to one of the power station's southern chimneys, but broke loose from its moorings and, to the astonishment of pilots in approaching planes, rose into the flight path of Heathrow Airport. Police helicopters tracked its course until it finally landed off the coast of Kent.



I never get bored of this story as a Pink Floyd fan, thanks to Roger Waters idea for the album cover. In fact, the power station was on my top list of visiting London when I came here for the first time. Sino’s office is just next to the power station, I feel excited every time when I walk pass it and go to work. This is the photo of power station I took two months ago.



Looking forward to the complete construction of Battersea Power Station area. 


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