Back to School in the UK and China


Hey, Yao here. September, autumn. It’s time to go back to school. Let's have a look at the first day of school in China and the U.K.


Parker, who turns three this Sunday, was not too happy to be heading out for his first day at Monton Village Nursery. His mother said that : "He's been at the nursery but today was the first day in his new class so he wasn't that keen.



Meanwhile, on the first day of kindergarten, a boy dozed in class, the girl next to him made sure he wouldn’t fall. How sweet it was. 



On the first day in WuChang Career College, several sports cars were parked in the college to welcome the students : Ferrari, Maserati, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW... Worth tens of millions of RMB.  Among them, the most expensive one Lamborghini LP610, worth 4 million 900 thousand yuan. Originally, this is the school specialty "car maintenance class", these cars are usually used to give students training for on-the-job training.



A Network Technology Institute in Inner Mongolia has a new idea for welcoming new students. They draw many cartoon pictures on the manhole covers in the school. Well, I was a bit worried about whether the colour will fade. 



On the first day of the university, all the girls from school of music dance department in Zhenzhou University did warm-up training for dancing during 2017 freshmen military training, hundreds of girls did the splits,how cool was that? (Photo credit : Weibo)


Any interesting thing happen when you went back to school? Feel free to tweet us @SINOinUK

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