BA Air Hostess 'made to feel like a prostitute' by dress code


An air hostess for British Airways was made to feel like a 'prostitute' when she was asked by the company to wear heels and make up. 

An inquiry into dress codes at work is currently underway in parliament, where Ruth Champion made the claims about the airline.

She said,“For an employer to tell me that I need to do that in order for the business to have a certain image, it made me akin to being prostituted.” 

In an Evening Standard article, Champion said she felt “dehumanised” and “humiliated... to be made to specifically wear items of uniform that sexualised my appearance or enhanced my sexuality”.

140,000 British people have signed the petition, calling for a change to an outdated dress code law that allowed employers to require women to wear high heels in the work place.

Over in Japan, the country is comparatively embracing the heel as a symbol of empowerment. Many have taken up high heel etiquette courses at £3000 a pop. So far, 4000 people have signed up. 

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