Are You A Cabbie Not A Parent?


If their journeys were on a meter, parents would earn just under £10,000 a year. However a fifth of parents use these journeys as an opportunity to eavesdrop on their kids ‘private’ lives. 

When you think about being a parent, you may think it’s part of the job to drive your kids here, there and everywhere, however for some parents, it’s almost a full-time job.

New research has found that the average parent spends 286 hours a year driving their kids arounds – almost two months’ worth of working days. And if these journeys were on a meter, that would earn them a sizeable £9.8k a year. The research, commissioned by Vauxhall Motors, also revealed that parents are driving an average of 1,283 miles annually, the equivalent of driving from London to Lisbon.

And while parenting is a full time job, driving kids every day is also an important bonding experience between parents and kids with half using these journeys to have a laugh and almost a third saying the time in the car with their kids affords them quality time they wouldn’t get elsewhere. A fifth even use these journeys as an opportunity to eavesdrop on their kids ‘private’ chats!

Gerry & Dave chatted to Jeff Brazier about this


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