7 Chinese New Year films to watch this February


Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is just around the corner – and that’s great news for film fans! In China, many film studios release festive blockbusters (called 贺岁片 or hesuipian in Chinese) around this time of year. Most are crowd-pleasing comedy flicks, perfect for post-dinner family gathering viewing - and just for you, we’ve picked our favourites. So get the popcorn (or the dumplings), get cosy and enjoy!


1. The Dream Factory 甲方乙方

Four friends in Beijing—three men and a woman—start a company which specializes in fulfilling their clients' dreams. Enacting their wildest fantasies, they encounter many oddball clients along the way.


2. All’s Well, Ends Well 家有喜事

This 90s Hong Kong comedy revolves around three brothers (Stephen Chow, Raymond Wong, Francis Ng) living under their dad’s roof, all trying to fib and prank their way to their dad’s approval for their lives and romances. For many Hongkongers, it's still a cult classic.


3. Flirting Scholar 唐伯虎点秋香

A married Chinese scholar (Stephen Chow) feels misunderstood by his multiple wives – and decides to go on a quest for another woman’s heart. First, he tries to win her with song, and then ends up working as a servant to be near her.


4. Aces Go Places 最佳拍档

An ace detective and a gung-ho female police inspector are paired up to solve a burglary case in this classic 80s action movie.


5. A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella 大话西游

One for the fantasy film fans among us, this comedy fairytale follows The Monkey King and his friends as they continue to have adventures on Earth.


6. All's Well, Ends Well Too 花田喜事

A series of miscommunications turn the preparations for two arranged marriages into a farce. Confusingly, this film isn’t a sequel to All’s Well, Ends Well - but it is part of the same series.


7. Forbidden City Cop 大内密探零零发

A government agent must rescue his imperial ruler from a mysterious villain who wants control of an ancient city in this nineties wuxia (martial arts) comedy.


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