China's Trillion Dollar Aircraft Spree

CHINA , TRAVEL September 14, 2016

China is set to spend an astonishing $1 trillion on purchasing new aircraft over the next 20 years. To put that figure in perspective for anyone who's as bad at maths as I am - it's equal to 1,000 billion dollars or 1 million mill...



Falling Ill Abroad Can Cost More Than A House

UK, TRAVEL August 11, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay) Paying out for getting ill abroad can cost you as much as a house, claim shocking new statistics.  Figures from The Association of British Insurers state that some traveller's payments can exceed ...



Money Back for Delayed Flights in UK

UK, TRAVEL August 08, 2016

Nearly a million air passengers could receive compensation after 43 million people were hit by delays.  From April last year and March alone 1.9 million faced delays in and out of the UK - 449,0000 of those were 15...



Incredible Photos of New Brighton Tower

UK, TRAVEL August 03, 2016

The World's thinnest observation tower has opened in Brighton. The British Airways i360 offers views as far as 26 miles away from a height of 161m. It's been controversial, with mixed opinions amongst local people. However, it ...



Chinese Tourism rakes in £260b in first half of year alone

CHINA , TRAVEL August 02, 2016

Chinese tourism raked in an impressive 2.25 trillion yuan (260 billion pounds) for the country in the first half of this year alone.  Statistics by the National Tourism Administration reveal 2.24 billion domes...





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