Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 22nd May

HOROSCOPE May 22, 2017

  Rat Others are entitled to an opinion, even if it’s drastically at odds with your own. Allow them to say their piece knowing that you have a choice whether, or not, to follow their suggestions. They’re aware t...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 20th May

HOROSCOPE May 20, 2017

    Rat You’re aware that there’s not much point in persisting when dealing with some stubbornness from close ones. You could feel a little lost for words. Withdrawing quietly from the situation and being ...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 19th May

HOROSCOPE May 19, 2017

RatSometimes, some misunderstandings can be resolved after unravelling some confusion. At other times, misunderstandings can lead to disputes and wrangles. When faced with a spot of confusion today, see if you can choose to sort m...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 18th May

HOROSCOPE May 18, 2017

  Rat When it comes to spending your time, once an hour has gone you cannot claim it back. Extra demands have cropped up out of the blue and managing your time could prove to be quite tricky today. It’s worth your w...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 17th May

HOROSCOPE May 17, 2017

Rat It’s time for you to explain how you see things in a different way. Those whom you thought were opposed to your ideas might be far more supportive than you realise. Once they understand you, and you understand them, you...





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