NASA praises young British boy's 'great' rocket design

News August 19, 2017

Idris Hylton, who is now aged five, wrote directly to the organisation urging it to make the craft and he even offered to fly it into space.He also said he wanted to be given an astronaut licence.Idris claimed his rocket would fly...



Woman finds diamond engagement ring on carrot after 13 years

News August 17, 2017

Mary Grams, an 84-year-old from Canada, was astonished to be reunited with her engagement ring she lost 13 years ago after it re-emerged with a misshapen vegetable growing through it.Her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, pulled the ...



Man 'lucky to survive' after shooting himself in heart with nail gun

News August 16, 2017

Doug Bergeson was framing a fireplace when his nail gun fired, sending a nail ricocheting off wood and into his chest with the speed of a .22-calibre bullet.The 52-year-old from Peshtigo, Wisconsin, said he could only see an inch ...



Reading and Leeds festivals add pineapples to the list of banned items, along with drones and fireworks

News August 14, 2017

The tropical fruit will not be allowed into either the arenas or campsites when the music event takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend.The move is thought to be down to the band Glass Animals and their song Pork Soda, wh...



Goldfish turn to alcohol to get through winter in icy ponds

News August 11, 2017

Unlike most vertebrates which die within a few minutes without oxygen, goldfish and their wild relatives crucian carp are able to survive for months in oxygen-free water.Biologically speaking, the fish convert their anaerobically ...





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