Trump Statue shocks tourists in China

  • Author
  • Lily Coleman
  • April 27,2017

Photos have been shared online of a brand new statue of Donald Trump in a pair of underwear greeting visitors of Luoyang, Henan.

The statue of US president greets the visitors whilst wearing nothing but a pair of underwear with the American flag on them, holding a tulip and giving visitors a thumbs up.

Reportedly, it is part of a plan to bring more visitors to the scenic spot. Luoyang is a tourist spot famous for it’s beautiful flowers that many tourists come to see in bloom 

However, according to one Twitter user, the statue has been taken down.


This isn’t the first time that a statue dedicated to Trump in China. In January, a giant statue was erected of the president as a rooster in a shopping mall in Taiyuan.

It was built as part of the celebrations for the Year of Rooster and has been adopted as a mascot for the N1 ArtWalk Mall. A range of Trump-rooster mix merchandise also went on sale, including a 32-foot model that was priced at £1,400.

Today saw one hundred people dressed as Statues of Liberty assembling outside the US Embassy to mark 100 days since Trump first took office. It planned on drawing attention to human rights issues that concern Trump, specifically in reaction to the Muslim ban and the wall he plans on building between the US and Mexico.

There were also marches across Northern Ireland and Scotland which were all organised by Amnesty International.

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