Is this the worst job advert in the world?

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  • EJ Ward
  • July 18,2017


We all know that it can be hard to find a job that you like and enjoy, the Sino team are lucky to work in such an amazing environment with great people.

One job in the arts though has caused quite a stir on social media, it's not the low pay or long hours though, it's the tone and poor attempt at sarcasm(?) in the advert.


The Tea House Theater in Vaxhaull is looking for an office administrator/box office clerk/dogsbody. Their advert starts “Dear Millenials” and it doesn't get much better. It seems the job is so bad that this is the third time they have had to advertise it. But maybe the problem isn't the job, but all the millenials applying for it?


“Are you just not taught anything about exsiting in the real world” the advert continues. Followed by a sentence praising an “old lady who used to run the whole of Mountview Academy with an IBM computer” well done to her, we were wondering if the Tea House Theater have tried to hire her?

They're looking for someone who is “The absolute dogs in office skills”.


If you think this could be you then you should apply, but we warned they “have not been impressed so far” as they point out in the article. The advert has now been deleted, we have approached the Tea House Theater for comment.


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