Chris Makey Speaks To The UK Youth Parliament

  • Author
  • EJ Ward
  • May 18,2017

This week, in the run up to the General Election Drivetime DJ Chris Makey spoke to Rhammel Afflick of the UK Youth Parliament. Rhammel’s history of campaigning started when he entered secondary education. His initial passions were around amplifying young people’s voices and ensuring young people had a say on issues that affect them.


The UK Youth Parliament aims to tackle a wide range of topics affecting young people, from public transport to education for life, proving that today’s generation of young people are far from apathetic about the world they live in.


They believe that 16 and 17 year-olds are long overdue the right to vote in public elections in the UK.


The UK Youth Parliament also believes that, young people should be consulted in their constituencies in order to feed their views of national matters of importance back to the Youth Parliament. They want to see younger people consulted more by the members of parliament and the UK government on the global issues.


Here's that interview.




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