A drip-free wine bottle has just been invented

  • Author
  • Aleesha Hansel
  • March 24,2017

Possibly the greatest scientific discovery of all time just happened.

After three years in the making, biophysicist and wine lover Dr. Daniel Perlman from Brandeis University, Massachusetts has created the non-drip wine bottle.

He discovered that as glass is hydrophilic, water molecules are attracted to it, that when wine is poured it curls back over the lip and runs down the side of the bottle.

After studying many slow motion videos, Dr. Perlman came up with the idea to carve a two millimetre wide groove just below the lip of the bottle.

The indentation stops the wine flowing over it and so forces droplets to return back into the bottle rather than down the side.

According to Dr. Perlman’s biography page on his university website he is somewhat of a prolific inventor.

So far his creations include coffee flour, adhesive identification labels that withstand liquid nitrogen and possibly the most important, biodegradable water-soluble glue for extending the life of sandcastles.


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